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24 November 2013

Ready To Go

After a lot of consistent hard work the partition has been finished and my designated “allowed” area for MRWAIN has been completed. No need to mention who allows things within a relationship.
Turned out really well if I do say so myself.
The actual area for the layout measures 4.4m x 4.8m, bit modest, but better than nothing.
Tomorrow work will commence on the layout and I am certainly looking forward to that.

05 May 2013

Train room in place, now for the rest of the house.

       MRWAIN has arrived, at least the room has. When designing the new house I tested the local council regulations and incorporated a 14 metre long garage into the plans and I must admit a little surprised it was approved.
I would have liked a longer garage but suspected the council would hick-up on anything bigger so didn't push my luck. The first 8 metres of the garage is reserved for minor things like the Jeep and the caravan and with a dividing wall in place seen on the right of the pic I achieved a 6m x 6m area for the layout..excellent!
Hey it's better than nothing.
The photo below gives a much better appreciation as to the size of the garage. The height of the garage can handle the largest RV currently on the market.
Look carefully and you will see a red arrow indicating the dividing wall between train room and garage.

06 February 2013

Demolition Day

A picture says a thousand words. Demolition is complete, now work starts on the design of the new

24 January 2013

A little update

If you’re on the ball you will have noticed all but my last 2 posts have been deleted.
The old MRWAIN no longer exists so I have taken the liberty of removing the redundant posts.
A new, better, albeit smaller, but more detailed computer controlled railway will emerge from the ashes.
I’m in the middle of packing our gear in preparation of the big move into our caravan which will be home for around the next 5 months or so. I won’t be able to work on anything railways during that time as the gear will be locked away in storage.
I will be working on the layout design though using 3rd Planit and will be getting my feet wet using TrainController™ in practice mode.
Interesting times are ahead.

05 January 2013

A small change in plans

Please allow me the pleasure of wishing everybody a happy new year and a great 2013.
Plans have changed a little since christmas and the mezzanine level idea has been thrown out the door, so to speak.
After talking to the builder the mezzanine level has been scrapped due to something that was going to be bigger than Ben Hur.
I did not want trusses in the area of the model railway so that totally altered the structural integrity of the garage and it would have to be structurally redesigned by an engineer etc. etc.etc.
I think you get the idea, heaps of money thrown at something will resolve any issue but I don't have heaps of money so that's it.
Plan B has now been activated and my railway "room" will now be a 6m x 5m area at the end of the garage.
The garage will be the longest I can fit on the site being 14m long with a wall and door way positioned 9m from the entrance allowing me a room of 5m at the rear for the layout.
This room will be fully lined which should help greatly in controlling the dust which really is a pain in the current garage I am using for MRWAIN.
I have fired up 3rd Planit and am currently learning the ins and outs of the program as it will be used to draw the layout plan.
Have also started to learn "TrainController" gold edition, software for controlling a model railway and arguably the best program on the market.
Here is the link if you want to have a little look at it......