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05 May 2013

Train room in place, now for the rest of the house.

       MRWAIN has arrived, at least the room has. When designing the new house I tested the local council regulations and incorporated a 14 metre long garage into the plans and I must admit a little surprised it was approved.
I would have liked a longer garage but suspected the council would hick-up on anything bigger so didn't push my luck. The first 8 metres of the garage is reserved for minor things like the Jeep and the caravan and with a dividing wall in place seen on the right of the pic I achieved a 6m x 6m area for the layout..excellent!
Hey it's better than nothing.
The photo below gives a much better appreciation as to the size of the garage. The height of the garage can handle the largest RV currently on the market.
Look carefully and you will see a red arrow indicating the dividing wall between train room and garage.