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03 December 2014

Work Continues

Just a few photos to indicate the progress of MRWAIN, slow, but we are at least moving forwards.

I will throw this in only because I feel my cloud making skills have finally been discovered.

The wharf scene is coming together really well. The two square holes in the background will be tunnels and a small tramway will share them along with trains.

                                                                 Now you see it

                                                                 Now you don't

Located below the signal is the cavity where the Tortoise machine resides along with the ribbon cable needed to connect all signals to the many SE8C signal decoders (Digitrax) located through-out the layout.

24 September 2014

Work starts on the Trestle

I love trestle bridges and I love brick work so it's only natural that both will be a focal point when it comes to MRWAIN.
The above image depicts how my imagination can take over sometimes when it comes to designing and building a scene. In the real world the railway would probably never have built a structure like the above for various reasons, cost, overly complex or simply not needed but I believe in modellers rights.
I know you have already picked up on the fact that the two brick piers supporting the bents are not in place on the opposite side of the arch and that's because I haven't done them yet.

The yellow flexible strap for want of a better name and there is one but I can't remember it has been in regular use on the railway. Perfect for achieving natural curves when laying track and perfect for getting my natural curve for the trestle. I have laid it level between the two brick pillars and attach the bents via rubber bands to it.
I'm building the bridge as I go, just like in the real world, no building it up side down like many do.
At both ends of the trestle there will be timber bridges spanning the gaps between the brick pillars and mother earth. One will be an arch and the other a deck truss.
The truss bridge on the right is a hand made brass unit bought from BLMA in America.

Same scene viewed from a different angle.

The left hand column of this bent was unable to make it to the ground because of a rock so I removed a small section and rested the column on a small brick pillar...told you I like brick work.

Full length view with two bents in place.
Work will start on building more bents as soon as the blasted jig can be found...the old story, placed it in a safe place and you know the rest, can't find it.
Until next time, bye.


18 April 2014

A couple more pics

This photo shows a better view of the brick retainer wall of the overpass.
The old wharf has hundreds of planks and each laid by yours truly, an excellent result in the end and am very pleased with it. I set out to achieve a wharf looking around 100 years old plus and it worked, very happy.

I wanted the train rails to blend in with the wharf and was pleasantly surprised with the end result.
At the end of the day my goal was to achieve a realistically looking old well used wharf and it worked out, very happy.

A little different from scenery, MRWAIN will have three power districts, each with its own DB150 booster.
The DCS100 will operate as a command station only.
Loconet will be divided into two separate networks, ThrottleNet and BoosterNet, and neither the two shall touch. All ThrottleNet cabling will terminate at the DCS100 command station and the boosters as shown in the photo will only connect between themselves with BoosterNet.

Not quite a tramway convert yet!!!

I never thought it would happen but trams will run on MRWAIN very shortly.
The CEO "Tramcar Trev" of the Lanyon Valley Steam and Electric Tramway will be asked formally if a branch line, not sure if that's proper tramway talk can exist between his tramway and my railway, located Canberra and Hervey Bay respectively.

I will accept his invaluable and learned advice regards this connection and if approved the tramway will be named the "Lanyon Valley Steam and Electric Tramway Extension".
The recognition of his tramway will be just reward for kindly making me the ornate tram poles shown in the above photo.

 Now, just to show I haven't been slacking in my endeavours to build MRWAIN I will post a few photos.

This is part of the branch line overpass constructed using individual balsa blocks, hundreds of them and yet to be painted.
If you look closely you will see a searchlight signal, just one of many I will have to make.
As I have said, MRWAIN will be computer controlled and that means signals, automated turnouts, the works, nothing less.

In this photo the partially built suspension bridge in the middle at the far end can be seen.
It has a wagon sitting on it.
The left side of the overpass as it runs down past the wharf can be seen completed and painted with Woodland Scenics concrete paint.

28 January 2014

Ok, since my last post Nov 24th showing a completed partition and not much more, there has been a lot of work completed and I mean a lot.
I participate in a model railway interest group located in Hervey Bay and every month we take it in turns to meet at a nominated members place and I draw the straw for April fools day, 1st of April.
That meant I had to get my act together and have something to show them otherwise they would have sat around like a stale bottle of .....
Head down, bum up and I have just about completed the frame structure, control desk/work bench along with the installation of the many many LEDS that will light MRWAIN.

Above is a view looking from the entrance doorway at the work/control desk which is a nice piece of work if I do say so. This work area sits at the end of the peninsular for no reason other than that's the only available space I have.
The blacken area at the left rear of the photo will be a focal scene that will stand out when entering the room, water-fall scene (Barron Falls) with a large curved trestle bridge spanning the gap.
Have already made a number of bents but many more to go.

Tomorrow I will finish the backdrops and that will be the wood working part of the railway finished, next will be track laying, not a lot initially, just enough to interface with Traincontroller so that I will have a small section under computer control to show the guys when they come around.
There won't be any signals working at this stage as time is against me, miracles I can perform immediately, impossibilities take a little longer.

Above shows the "roof" of the layout with the LEDs imbedded in the foam and the ribbon strip LEDs glued to the inside of the valance. I certainly don't lack light when these things are turned on.

Another section of the layout with the control/work bench just to the right out of sight.
Just in front of the truss bridge is the turntable, bought from with a PTC Model 3 controller supporting up to 99 selectable tracks with over 14,000 indexing positions.
More about this little beauty later.