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28 January 2014

Ok, since my last post Nov 24th showing a completed partition and not much more, there has been a lot of work completed and I mean a lot.
I participate in a model railway interest group located in Hervey Bay and every month we take it in turns to meet at a nominated members place and I draw the straw for April fools day, 1st of April.
That meant I had to get my act together and have something to show them otherwise they would have sat around like a stale bottle of .....
Head down, bum up and I have just about completed the frame structure, control desk/work bench along with the installation of the many many LEDS that will light MRWAIN.

Above is a view looking from the entrance doorway at the work/control desk which is a nice piece of work if I do say so. This work area sits at the end of the peninsular for no reason other than that's the only available space I have.
The blacken area at the left rear of the photo will be a focal scene that will stand out when entering the room, water-fall scene (Barron Falls) with a large curved trestle bridge spanning the gap.
Have already made a number of bents but many more to go.

Tomorrow I will finish the backdrops and that will be the wood working part of the railway finished, next will be track laying, not a lot initially, just enough to interface with Traincontroller so that I will have a small section under computer control to show the guys when they come around.
There won't be any signals working at this stage as time is against me, miracles I can perform immediately, impossibilities take a little longer.

Above shows the "roof" of the layout with the LEDs imbedded in the foam and the ribbon strip LEDs glued to the inside of the valance. I certainly don't lack light when these things are turned on.

Another section of the layout with the control/work bench just to the right out of sight.
Just in front of the truss bridge is the turntable, bought from with a PTC Model 3 controller supporting up to 99 selectable tracks with over 14,000 indexing positions.
More about this little beauty later.