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18 April 2014

A couple more pics

This photo shows a better view of the brick retainer wall of the overpass.
The old wharf has hundreds of planks and each laid by yours truly, an excellent result in the end and am very pleased with it. I set out to achieve a wharf looking around 100 years old plus and it worked, very happy.

I wanted the train rails to blend in with the wharf and was pleasantly surprised with the end result.
At the end of the day my goal was to achieve a realistically looking old well used wharf and it worked out, very happy.

A little different from scenery, MRWAIN will have three power districts, each with its own DB150 booster.
The DCS100 will operate as a command station only.
Loconet will be divided into two separate networks, ThrottleNet and BoosterNet, and neither the two shall touch. All ThrottleNet cabling will terminate at the DCS100 command station and the boosters as shown in the photo will only connect between themselves with BoosterNet.

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