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18 April 2014

Not quite a tramway convert yet!!!

I never thought it would happen but trams will run on MRWAIN very shortly.
The CEO "Tramcar Trev" of the Lanyon Valley Steam and Electric Tramway will be asked formally if a branch line, not sure if that's proper tramway talk can exist between his tramway and my railway, located Canberra and Hervey Bay respectively.

I will accept his invaluable and learned advice regards this connection and if approved the tramway will be named the "Lanyon Valley Steam and Electric Tramway Extension".
The recognition of his tramway will be just reward for kindly making me the ornate tram poles shown in the above photo.

 Now, just to show I haven't been slacking in my endeavours to build MRWAIN I will post a few photos.

This is part of the branch line overpass constructed using individual balsa blocks, hundreds of them and yet to be painted.
If you look closely you will see a searchlight signal, just one of many I will have to make.
As I have said, MRWAIN will be computer controlled and that means signals, automated turnouts, the works, nothing less.

In this photo the partially built suspension bridge in the middle at the far end can be seen.
It has a wagon sitting on it.
The left side of the overpass as it runs down past the wharf can be seen completed and painted with Woodland Scenics concrete paint.

1 comment:

  1. Phwarrrr, those poles do look nice. Ok so we should form a consortium like the Prarahn & Hawthorn Tramways Trust. I kind of like " The Lanyon Valley and MRWAIN Tramways Trust. and develop a nice crest, run at a loss, have numerous run ins with the shareholders and sell out at great personal Profit to "Victoria Street Tramway"
    Where did you get the Birney car? They are a great little tram, I drove one a few times back in the days when they ran in Bendigo. Over all I am most impressed with your efforts so far. It must feel better now having come out of the tram depot as it were and showing the world you trams....