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22 February 2015

Race against time

Since the last post I have been busy, very busy as I have a dead line to meet.
I live in Hervey Bay Qld and a few of us a while back got together and formed the Hervey Bay Model Railway Interest Group, not a club as we don't want the politics, hassles and the Government oversee of monies that evidently follows the creation of a club.
Each month members, and we now have nearly 20 of the group meet at a nominated members house and talk/look/operate trains.
I'm down for August and opened my big mouth and suggested I would have train(s) running under computer control. I can't retract my comment for fear of losing face so it's full speed ahead.
Below are a number of photos showing progress.

                                                                    Now you see it!!

                                                                   Now you don't!!
I made this section of brick wall removable to allow access to an extra long tunnel just in case.

Looking down the main street of the town.
You will notice the Ornate tram poles temporary in-place along with the telegraph poles.
Not only will trains run but trams will join them on MRWAIN.
The footpath (side walk) the young lady is standing on is genuine concrete, yes, the real thing, not plastic or styrene.
The buildings are yet to be painted and currently have no roofs because I can't afford time wise to bog down on time consuming projects for the reason stated above so a lot of scenes are in different states of construction so remember this when viewing the photos.

To the right of the main street we have two tunnels, left for the dual track tramway and the right for the branch line.

This is the other end of the tunnels shown in the photo above this one.
The thickness of the divider between the two scenes is only one inch so I have placed both portals, this one and the one at the other end at an angle so that you are unable to look into the tunnel and see someone checking you out on the other side. All you see is tunnel walls.

This is the right hand side of the scene in the above photo.
Remember, the dual track on the left is tramway, the dual main is on the right disappearing into it's own portal.

Another view of the tram/train tunnels showing relationship with the town scene.
Forget the white picket fence, don't like it. I sat it there to see what it looked like and its going most likely replaced with a post and wire fence.

MRWAIN is small, so have included the "staging or fiddle " area as a working goods yard with the double main going right through the middle.
Extreme left of photo are the two main tracks visible coming to a suicidal end of the bench work.
This is where my bridge will be built to cover the walk through area.
I must say this, I have never painted in my life so my effort in painting the back drops even surprised me.

Front on view of the town. Decided to do something a little different and place a tunnel at the end of the side street which will be duplicated on the other side of the partition where my other town will reside.
That's the reason for the tramway, connects both towns together via a light rail network.

Left hand side of the town with tramway portal on the right and the dual main portal on the left with the double stack checking the height of the entrance.
Bottom right shows the branch line that will terminate at the MRWAIN goods depot shown in the next photo.

Don't panic, there will be a safety barrier running the full length of the via duct to stop employees from committing suicide.
That little yellow thingy is a "Track Mobile", cute, love it, just had to have...DCC ready to go.

Run trams and you have to have overhead wiring, so here it is.
It's not conductive as both trams will operate from the track, mind you one of the trams can be switched so that you can power from the pole but give me a break please, I have enough to do now.
This stuff is fantastic, can be used for fences, cabling between electricity poles etc.

I will be using it to simulate the overhead wiring for the trams with the relevant poles in place naturally.
Below are the telegraph poles I will be using throughout the layout and they are "prewired".
I have two pet hates, first is the use of signals that don't work, and the second is power poles without wire.

One last thing....I would like to make mention of a very good friend of mine who lives in Canberra and is a tram freak.
He kindly made the Ornate poles running the full length of main street and did a superb job.
If only I had half his talent I would be over the moon.

Check out his Blog.....