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05 February 2017

Perfect companion for model railway building.

My apologies to all for the long hiatus from posting and now having found my MoJo I'm back into completing MRWAIN model railway.
During my break I discovered a new toy and have been putting in a lot of time learning all the tricks, the must dos, the must not dos of this device.
The 3D printer can be and is frustrating at times but hey, that's the way they are and if you blow a build, accept it and start all over again.
The use of 3D printers in model railways is only limited by your imagination and the ability to learn and use 3D drafting software.
I have tried many 3D packages but have found the saviour to my sanity....Google's Sketchup.
Sketchup is so easy to learn and use and for people like me just wanting to build unique items for MRWAIN it is perfect, can't praise it enough, and the best part it's free for the non pro version.
Design your item, and in this case it was the container gantry crane, save it as a STL file and import it to the slicer program and build.
I did an investigation on the Web, not a thorough one but long and hard enough to convince me that HO scale gantry cranes appear to be as scarce as rocking horse poo.
So, I took the challenge on, designed my own HO scale crane and printed it.....that's 3D talk for build
Been building bridges and tried my hand at laying cobble stones also but will leave that for the next post.

Have uploaded a few photos so enjoy.

Just a quick one, notice the brown fuel containers in the photos; they were made using the 3D printer and the 40 foot container slung under the crane was also made using the printer.
No doubt 3D printing is the future.


Blog sites are really good but for me they have limitations on the content you can present and how it can be presented and for this reason I have started development on a web site unsurprisingly
I will still support the Blog with postings but will gradually move across to the website as development proceeds.
As you may or may not be aware, design and development of a good and well laid out web site can and does take quite awhile.