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07 July 2017

Commencement of the Urangan Pier.

My posts are few and far between these days but I have found a slot in my lifestyle to put pen to paper so to speak and throw up a few photos of the pier that will be part of MRWAIN railway.

I am doing what I did to build the container terminal, attaching the pier site to the side of the existing bench work resulting in the narrowing of the walkway but hey, if that's what's needed to accommodate this diorama so be it.

I am putting the 3D printer to good use as the photos will show and have added a photo of the printer itself so that you have an idea as to what $240 Australian will buy you, delivered to the door with 1kg of PLA plastic thrown in.
It comes as a DIY kit and the only problem en-counted was the Chinese manual: translation from Chinese into English never really works.

Enjoy the photos.

 I am constructing the pier scene as a standalone diorama and after the basics are completed it will be attached to the side of the existing layout. The prototype had a rail track the full length and so will the model.

 I am constructing the pier "off site" so to speak in my garage and it will be moved and attached to MRWAIN in due course. Take note of the nails protruding from the wood as they provide support for the pier structure allowing very accurate placement.

 You can see from the photo a pier support being "printed", takes about 40 minutes for completion and every one of them identical.

 When I drew the support using Sketchup I incorporated holes in the bottom allowing me to place them on the nails protruding from the wood.

Expanded view showing what will be the length of the pier when finished, from one end of the plank to the other.
The items in the background (Helicopters in kit form) shows why I have a full on hobby life and there is a lot more other things I do. Now to find 10 minutes to start work on my web site which will have as its url.
Have a look, but not much there at the moment.